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It’s that time of the year again — Vet Visit!

For those who forgot. Dumbork have a semi-annual visit to her Vet, Dr. Peter. Last time, due to a mild case of pyramiding, he recommended a vitamin D supplement to be orally ingested.

Now, my pressing concern is the white, soft, powdery-type stain on her last Vertebral Scute. My first inkling is fungus, and it might have already spread to her plastron. I raised this concern to Dr. Peter last year, but he mentioned that it’s just normal.

My goal now is to get confirmation that it is, indeed, a fungal infection. Hopefully early detection and early remedy may help our case.

Here is a picture for reference:

Time for a vet visit

Time for a vet visit









Now, just a written reminder of things to bring during a herp vet visit:

1. Your turtle (Of course!)

2. A box/plastic container with cloth as a lining (if using a plastic container, do not put water inside. The jostling movement while walking or travelling via a car may cause your turtle to drown.)

3. Bottled water (for her to drink while waiting for the vet)

*ours have a 15-minute waiting time, so I let Dumbork roam around and look into the surrounding areas

4. Extra Napkins/Paper Towels

5. Consultation Fee and Extra Money (in case the herp vet recommends additional services or medication).

6. Paper and Pens (I always prepare a list of questions for the herp vet, I always take note of the answers).

7. Extra Food – Dumbork always feel agitated after each herp visit. To calm her down I offer a small treat (half-a-pellet) for good behavior.


That’s it! I will update you of our schedule and post the results. Have a productive week, everyone.