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It’s been a while since I’ve dropped a new post. Dumork is fine, considering that she’s stubbornly refusing to bask even with her new lights. I’ve changed her ATBA from a dark look into a brighter feel of her area, by replacing the cardboard sheets. I’ve also done an initial clean-up of her tank (replacing the tubes, cleaning the ramp and the resting places, even rinsing put the biomedia).

I plan to clean her whole tank before April ends, and hopefully I will have time to post a step-by-step instruction blog post about it.


In the meantime, we spent Easter Sunday outside basking in the sun. Check out the pics!


Ready, get set, GO!

Ready, get set, GO!

whoops was that my nose?

whoops was that my nose?

that's not me!

that’s not me!

well, that does not look like a turtle's leg!

well, that does not look like a turtle’s leg!

gaaaahh! you found me! good for you :)