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Dumbork did not have the chance to spend the last weekend under the sun — the sky was gloomy, and the brief bursts of sunlight makes it harder for her to stay in one place (she likes to roam around). However, I have big plans for her this coming weekend, so that her stubborn scutes will now shed, getting rid of the white spots (which I hope is just some mineral deposits from hard water and NOT fungus) and getting a new layer of scutes is of course more beneficial to her.

I am still not happy with the way her shell is forming. I know she had some raised scutes, but she’s stubborn. If I could only force her to bask I would be content. But every night after I come home from work I wasn’t able to see any signs of her basking or going up the ATBA. Maybe I should invest in a motion-activated camera or the kind that record when movement is detected. Maybe my mind would be eased when I know that at least she’s getting some rays, even though artificial, during the day.

Also, I was able to clean the tank of Dumbork. I removed the water, cleaned the tubes, replaced the sponge and rinsed the ceramic rings. I also managed to scrape off the deposits on the sides of the tank at the waterline. I let the water settle in at first so that the beneficial bacteria will have time to colonize in the tank, providing low ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings.

I wanted to create a paper on proper care and feeding of turtles. Right now I’m trying to contact some herpetologists in the county and I wanted to ask for their opinions and general advice. Next week I am going to provide an outline on the contents of the paper. The paper I have in mind is not an academic one — I do not have enough credentials in herpetology, or even enough experience in turtle-keeping to start with a formal project, but what I wanted was to create a primer if sorts so that fellow turtle keepers would be able to grasp the importance of maintaining a regular care for turtles that are kept as pets.

And since this is a blog about turtle, here’s a picture of one.


What is this on my arm?

What is this on my arm?