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The main premise is this: You have already applied at the online NBI Clearance Registration, available at their website http://nbi.njis-ph.com/. Just fill out the form, double check all data, and then submit the application. You will be given a registration code, and you can have two options:

  1. Print the Application Form containing the QR code and the Registration Number, or
  2. Save the HTML file if you want to print it later
  • If the website is down, try again and do not give up easily
  • Once you’ve submitted your application, go to the NBI Main immediately the morning after


  • Application Form
  • 2 Valid Ids
  • Php 115.00 for Local Employment

In order to get your Clearance in just under 3, including Travel Time, here are the steps:

A. Do not try to go the NBI Offices near you. Go straight ahead to the NBI Main Clearance Center Building, located at UN Avenue, Manila.


1. MRT3 [North Ave to Taft] – LRT1 [Roosevelt to Baclaran]

  • Board MRT Train bound to Taft, get off at Taft Avenue.
  • Go the Connecting Bridge to Doroteo Jose, and take the LRT Line 1 Train.
  • Get off at UN Avenue.
  • Walk across street (Landmark is the intersection. Nearby stores are KFC and Jollibee).

2. MRT2 [Santolan to Recto] – LRT1 [Roosevelt to Baclaran]

  • Board MRT Train bound to recto, get off at Recto.
  • Go to the connecting bridge to Doroteo Jose, and take the LRT Line 1 Train.
  • Get off at UN Avenue.
  • Walk across street (Landmark is the intersection. Nearby stores are KFC and Jollibee).
  • The MRT2 [Santolan to Recto] Train is more commonly known as the Katipunan LRT Train, for those living near the Ateneo de Manila University, and the University of the Philippines.

B. Go straight inside the building. By-pass all lines, ignore the queue on the plastic chairs, do not line at the “Data Processing Section”. Proceed to the Ground Floor.

C. If a guard asks you, just mention that you’re an online applicant; he/she will direct you to the ground floor.

D. Fall in line for the payment. Usual fee for Local Employment is Php 115.00. Present the application form.

E. Proceed to the third floor, Biometric Section.

  1. Present the application form, receipt, and IDs.
  2. Double-check all data on the screen.
  3. Observe proper protocol in the Image capturing and the Fingerprint Biometrics.
  4. Remember to get your IDs back

F. If your application is “WITH HIT”, come back at a later date as stated.

G. If you application is “NO HIT”, proceed to the printing section.

  • Present application and receipt.
  • Get your clearance on top of the printer.

General tips:

  • Do not be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people. Tell the guard that you are an online applicant, and he/she will direct you inside the building, on the ground floor.
  • Double-check all necessary requirements
  • Research the place before going. It’s best to know nearest road routes, bus terminals, and jeepney/tricycle stations.
  • Try to schedule your appointment during the middle of the week (No Mondays and Fridays).
  • Bring pens and envelopes.

Here is the list of Pros and Cons for applying at the NBI Main Clearance Station

Pro (NBI Main) Con (Satellite offices e.g. QC Hall)
There is a separate queue for online applicants Some satellite offices combine the Manual Applicants and the Online Applicants (the manual applicants have been at the area the night before)
There are 10 Counters for Biometric Data Processing Coming from Quezon City, the NBI Main office is far
There are 7 Counters for Payment
Lines are moved swiftly, without hassle
The whole process is clear-cut. You won’t stay in a line for long
Place is air-conditioned
Printing Section is fast and prompt

Here is the timetable of the Day

Activity Location Time Number of Hours/Minutes
Travel time from MRT3 to LRT1 Quezon Avenue Station to Taft Station 8:00 – 9:00am 1 Hour
Travel Time from LRT1 to NBI Main Office UN Taft Station to UN Ave Station, NBI Main 9:00 – 9:30am 30 Minutes
Payment (Step 4) Ground Floor, NBI Main 9:30 – 9:31 am 1 Minute
Queuing for Biometrics(Step 5) 3rd Floor, NBI Main 9:31 – 10:00am 29 Minutes
Printing 3rd Floor, NBI Main 10:00 – 10:02 am 2 Minutes
Travel Time from LRT1 to MRT2 Doroteo Jose Station to Recto Station 10:02 – 10:30am 28 Minutes
Travel Time from MRT 2 to UP/ADMU area Recto Station to Katipunan Station 10:30 – 11:00 30 Minutes
Total Time:   8:00am to 11:00am 3 hours

Hope this helped. If you have more questions, visit http://www.nbi.gov.ph/announcement.html or call (02) 5238231.