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Minions. Just one word and you will immediately think of those cute, small, and silly yellow creatures from the Despicable Me movie. You will often wonder, what on earth are they talking about? What are they saying? You’ll even try to decipher their words — is there a hidden meaning behind it, or is just a string of consonants and vowels? With their hand gestures and their facial expressions, you can slightly tell the subject of their topic; and with their videos on YouTube, you won’t be able to resist playing their songs again and again ang again, to the point that you will have to download it as your message notification tone or your alarm ringing tone.

Well, that’s what happened to me. I find them so cute and irresistible that when I had the chance to see a Minion Speaker, I cannot keep my greedy hands off it. Thanks to my aunt who saw it first and gave it to me as a gift! And, of course, this post would not be complete without Dumbork – here are the two cutest creatures of my world!

Potato Naaaaa~

Potato Naaaaa~