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Our guest this week was finally adopted. Our Chinese Soft-Shell Turtle, Pigwidgeon (or Pig), was transferred to his new home. It was sad to see him go even though he was with us for just a short time. I’m hoping he would be happy in his new hope, and that hopefully his appetite will increase and his health will stabilize. He was adopted by a fellow member of a local turtle-keeping group, and his enclosure is now a 30-gallon aquarium instead of a shallow plastic tub. He looked miserable yet excited at the same time. Miserable because he keeps going out of the travel box (Dumbork’s travel box), almost escaping and looking agitated. Excited because it’s as if he can feel the changes that will happen soon. When I transferred him to the new owner’s container, he didn’t fight, scratch, or try to get out of my hand. He stayed still, his beady eyes staring into mine, his flabby soft limbs kept tucked into his body, and his soft plastron and carapace feeling pliant on my fingers – it almost wanna make me want to take him home again. But, as I’ve said, it will be difficult handling two different turtle. The moment was heartbreaking, and the topic of Pigwidgeon was never opened again. Nevertheless, we requested that the new owner to give us updates and pictures and he readily agreed.

Goodbye Pig. Even though our time together is brief, we will never forget that one cold and rainy Saturday afternoon that you scuttled and streaked into our lives.

Silent treatment

Silent treatment

Dumbork's improved Travel Box
Dumbork’s improved Travel Box