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Did I mention that June is an important month for me and Dumbork? I didn’t? Well, it is! It’s been one year since I acquired Dumbork from my sister, since she went away for college. The past year has been battled with worry, relief, happiness, and amazement. Rinse-lather-repeat many times, and you have one happy, quirky, female Red-eared Slider.

Dumbork has grown a lot since then. I remember her SCL (that’s Straight Carapace Length in turtle-speak) last year, around 2.15 inches. Now she’s at almost 3 inches. As per her weight, earlier this year she weighed at 60 grams, now she’s at 80 grams. Time flies really fast.

Along with physical changes, I have to change her habitat as well. The UVB lamp needs to be replaced, and the filter attachment and tubes needs to be cleaned. June will be a very busy day for both of us — I can’t wait for more years!

Even though she’s still small, one day her SCL will reach to a staggering 12 inches. That’s the average length for female sliders. Aside from health issues and habitat concerns, I have to continuously watch out for eggs. At 4-5 inches, she will have to lay eggs even without a mate. Whew!

I now have to think ahead in terms of nesting area, the types of soil, and the possibility of impaction. Good thing I have a number of herp vets within my reach; just one visit away and I will be assured that nothing wrong is going on, and that Dumbork is fine.

Thanks for those who follow this blog, and those who asks about Dumbork. If you have questions, I’m very active on TurtleTalk, the forum of the website redearslider.com, as dumbork14. Hope to see you there!

And now for some sweet pictures!

catching some zzzzz

catching some zzzzz

Were you spying on me?

Were you spying on me

Me and my fat leg

Me and my fat leg









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Gotta show you my butt

Gotta show you my butt