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How’s your day?

Me? Not so peachy.

Just the other day Dumbork bit me while I was cleaning her tank. Nothing big or major, no skin was broken, no muscles and tendons exposed.

I was just surprised — I was dangling half my arm in and out of her tank when suddenly I experienced a pinch-like pain; as if there’s a big ant biting me. Turned out, Dumbork was latched on my forearm. I think she was more surprised, she let go once I shook her.

Small bite

Small bite

Did you notice the “O” shaped bite mark? It’s small, yet it hurts. For 15 minutes it stayed red, and the skin around the area was tender to the touch.


Now, a note of caution: Red-Eared Sliders are aggressive in nature. They use their sharp beaks and long claws to fight enemies and gather food. Since RES tend to stay together, one might show off their dominance by kicking, scratching, biting, nipping, and fluttering. Even though in most countries, RES are considered pets, careful handling should always be observed.

Also, remember to wash your hands before and after handling a turtle. There’s a report back then that turtles are known carriers of Salmonella. You do not want to get sick by a pet turtle that you’ve grown fond of, and you don’t want to harm them in return.


Happy Turtle-Keeping!