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Hello there! Welcome to my blog. For those who just followed me, this blog is dedicated to my 3-inch, 60 gram, fish-lovin’ Red-Eared Slider named Dumbork, who loves to bask excessively, swim aimlessly, and stare at the wall endlessly for having no reason at all.


whatcha lookin' at?

whatcha lookin’ at?

We live in a tropical country that is far more than just a blip in the world map, and with this heat, keeping a turtle as a pet will be very advantageous. As you know, turtles are cold-blooded, and they need the warmth of the sun (as well as the UVB rays) for them to regulate their own temperature, hence the term basking.

sneak peek

sneak peek

Sure, having an aquarium inside the house is a good conversation starter.

“Ohh- an aquarium! What fish do you have? Betta? Pleco? Molly? Guppy? Those cute fish with bumps on their foreheads? What’s it’s called again? Flowerbump? Flowerho—“

“A turtle, actually.”

“Really? As in, a turtle? What kind? What do they eat? Will they drown? How big will they get?”

And so the questions begin. It’s fun explaining these questions for those who have never heard of keeping turtles as pets, especially the kids. They will smear your aquarium, feed the turtle every 2 hours (which is a big NO), and try to poke the turtle (scared the cr*p out of Dumbork, believe me).

For me, having a small indoor aquarium is great! You can watch Dumbork bask during the weekends, you can let her roam around the room, make sure that you can watch her carefully, and you can watch her swim and be crazy!

I wanna go out!

I wanna go out!

Also remember the rule: 10 gallons for every inch of the turtle. Try to buy the biggest aquarium you can afford to save money in the future. Starting out with a 50-gallon aquarium is good, provided that you are serious about keeping a turtle. If not, you can always put in fish, or sell the aquarium online. Turtles can get as big as a dinner plate (females can grow up to 10-12 inches!), and sure takes a lot of space.

With dedication, love, and fondness, I’m sure your turtle can enjoy a long and healthy life!


Basking on the Roof

Basking on the Roof



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