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I recalled the conversation Dumbork and I had last year.

Me: So, watcha doin?

Dumbork: Umm. Nothin’. Just lyin’ around, feelin’ the waves you know. A little basking. Oh, hey, thanks for the upgrade, by the way. I thought the 50 gallon water pump was the best, now the waves in the new 75 was super.

M: Oh, no problem. I heard your owners left you three days with 2 molly babes. How are they?

D: Well, we became friends you know? Those fishes, they thought I was gonna eat them, but no, I had a good heart. We had fun chasin’ around. but I got bored easily. I always do.

M: No hard feelings?

D: No hard feelings.

M: They must’ve thought you were pretty cool, huh? New digs, new basking area, cleaner crib.

D: Yep. Can’t stay away from me, those two. I had to go up so that they can leave me alone. Pretty rude too!

M: Why?

D: One time, I was sleepin’, and the bigger one–

M: The bigger one?

D: You know, the bigger one. Anyway, that chick swished her fancy tail at me. Come on! I was sleepin’ in peace, dreamin’ about sea shell and stuff, and she had the gall to flirt at me!

M (laughing): What did you do?

D: Chased her to the end of my crib, of course. You visit me, you should know very well to leave me alone when I’m sleepin’. Became grumpy after that.

M: Where are they, anyway? I thought the three of you would grow old together.

D: Er, I think one’s stuck down my throat.


<awkward silence>