Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 10:00pm

We are trailblazers. We are on fire.

Graduation. Sweet pure bliss. After 20 years, here we are, standing on the edge, reaching for freedom and maturity. For the years we’ve worked hard, harder than any people in the world; strived for the best, aimed for the top, and grabbed at every opportunity. Battles have been lost, reputations have been challenged, and faith had been shaken, and yet here we are, united, pushing for success. Even though we faced trials and passed judgement, our friendship stood firm against shaky ground.

Much has been learned from the past four years. We discovered new friendship, forged stronger ties, and strengthened loyalty with each other. Through thick and thin we’ve stuck together, past disagreements, disappointments, even past annoyance and irritation. The choices we made would was influenced by each other one way or another, and we always celebrated the results, whether good or bad. It was like seeing a part of me with each one of you. We’ve shared dreams, hopes, and visions for our future. We laughed, cried, shouted ourselves hoarse, and got drunk for no apparent reason. And yet here we are, still together, still unshakeable.

It would be harder to forget. Some memories should be forgotten, but the kind of memories we had with each other should be treasured forever. From the way we communicated with a look, to the way we tease each other and to the way we hand each other notes from scratch sheet of our notebooks, these little things made our friendship more valuable than anything. We may have had our arguments, realized our insensitivities, and displayed our negative traits; we know the goodness hidden within each person. We shared confidences, trusted each other with our secrets and believed in each others’ decisions. What we see is not just our façade, it is who we really are; without any sugar coating, without any shallow surface. We learned to stick to our strengths and diminish our weaknesses. As a group, we pretty much had it all.

It would be hard to say goodbye. Staying in touch would not be a problem, staying within shouting distance would be a more difficult task. It’s the closeness that we will miss, the warmth, the joy in each other’s eyes when we’ve accomplished something, the triumph in our faces as we finished each work, the relief we see when the hurdle has passed, and the determination in every one of every time we face a challenge. I will miss all of that. I will miss you.

For now, we face the world in a different way. We are now the trailblazers of the century, starting the fire, creating trails for everyone to follow. We may lead different destinations, take separate paths, walk on diverse roads, and still we will see ourselves together, even for the last time. We have the fire going inside of us, a heat that will propel us forward to our destinations. The warmth in our personalities will sustain us through the years, and we take comfort on the fact that we may not be together physically, but we will stay in each other’s memories. Forever.