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Hello everyone?

How’s your weekend?

So I tested the water this morning with the API Freshwater Master Test Kit and these are the results:

ammonia – 1.0ppm
nitrite – 0ppm
nitrate – 0ppm
ph – 7.6

I tested for high range ph and the result is light brown.

the water on the tank is still clear, there are no changes in Dumbork’s appetite(she’s now eating greens, yay for me!), active most times, swimming and basking fine.
I know that ammonia levels will be high as long as the tank is not cycled. I also know that I should not panic because the turt can breathe out of water if the ammonia level goes higher.

Here’s a very brief summary of the Nitrogen Cycle:

1. Turtle’s leftover food and waste is broken down to ->
2. Ammonia (extremely dangerous) converted by bacteria through the biomedia (ceramic rings) to ->
3. Nitrite -> (still highly toxic) converted by other bacteria to ->
4. Nitrate -> which can be lowered by doing regular water changes.
boy, doing the water tests were fun! :D made me wish I can dig up my lab gown, gloves, and goggles (my undergrad degree was food technology).
here’s the picture!! :wink:

Any comments? Let me know!