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Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 4:56pm

Once again, I am idle.

This semester was toxic. When I was in high school, I was never the put-my-head-to-the-pillow-and-fall-immediately-asleep type of girl. I would toss and turn, I would visualize the light coming out of the tunnel inside my head (a technique that is effective according to my cousin), and yes, I did count sheep. Nevertheless, after 45 minutes, I would get bored and start all over again. I tried praying, but after a while I had blessed all the member of my extended family, both mother’s and father’s side. They were still not effective, but you know one technique that was foolproof? The one technique that guaranteed would make me so sleepy I barely had time to put myself in a horizontal position before I crash to sleep?

Ice cold water.

Yes. I think there was one time that I was so irritated by my inability to sleep immediately, I drank one liter of cold water. And after that, bliss. I can barely remember my routine before I drank that water.

But that is not the case now. I had 21 units last semester, which leads to early wake-up calls (I had a 7 am class), late nights (I had one subject that ends at 7 pm and two subjects that was feared by the students in our college, one of which is thesis while the other is the feasibility study), and hectic schedules. Sometimes I mistook my days, went in wrong classrooms and reviewed for wrong exams. I wonder how I survived; of course, I have  my great friends that support me, annoying classmates that irritates the crap out of me, and loyal relatives that back me up whenever things got rough. The point is I never had a stressful semester like this one.

So when I came home for the semestral break, I had a lot of things I decided I would accomplish once I had the time. The first one in the list? Sleep and wake up whenever I wanted to. I actually did that very easily. The next activities were boring and even cheesy, but what the hell? It made me happy. Things like lying prone whole day — I took a bath late in the night, I only got up to eat, drink, and have bathroom breaks. Guess what I did? I watched How I Met Your Mother Season 2 on DVD, watched America’s Next Top Model Season 10, and watched a load of commercials on cable. I guess I did some cleaning (if you call emptying our home’s trashcan cleaning); shopping (we had six grocery bags when we got home), and more sleeping. I never felt uninhibited in my life. I ate at my heart’s content, aside from home-cooked meals by my mom; we had an assortment of junk foods, extremely fattening snacks, and foods that make you extremely guilty unless you drink tons of water to wash it down.

Now, all I have to do is close my eyes, and when I open them, it would be morning, or lunchtime, in one case. After seven days of sleeping, eating, and basically living like a queen, I feel useless. I’m easily bored. I have watched the last 5 seasons of How I Met. I even washed our clothes (my mom usually does that, but as the responsible adult, I have to make some sacrifices – kidding!) just to pass the time. I even stared and watched our new roof, which I call the clapper. That is one funny story. You see, we have been living in our house for almost 11 years now. It’s a single unit, supposed to be one bedroom, one toilet and bath type of house. My siblings and I consider it very old, and through the years, it gets beat up. The roof at the back part leaks, and when it rains, it was hell. No need to go into details. So I convinced my mom to fix the leaking roof and the pipes and revamp the whole back part that serves as the kitchen. You could tell I was surprised, and way too pleased for the results. And the thing that rocks? There’s this single roof that is fiberglass, so every morning when you’re from the outside going inside of the house, the first thing that you will notice is that it’s very bright, and the light comes from the top. Hence the clapper. But the clapper doesn’t really work. The kitchen only gets dark when its night (which is the reason for the darkness, of course). So every time I would open the door to the kitchen, I would say “Clap on!” and stare at the roof for about 5 minutes and then move on.

By this time, I only have five days left before the enrolment. I plan to savor those five precious days. And how, you may ask? By eating, sleeping and idling by. Same old, same old.