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Sometimes Dumbork will go the wall of the tank and will do these swimming motions with his front limbs. Sometimes, he would turn on his back due but I always help him, thinking that turning on his carapace is dangerous and can drown him. He manages to get on his back on his own. Also, whenever it’s feeding time, he would crazily swim around, listening to the sound of the pellets rattling on the bottle. His nose will be up in the air, as if smelling where the scent comes from. Since I’ve also put marbles in his tank, he would rearrange them to his accord, which causes me to watch intently because of the noise he makes. There are also some moments where you can only see his shell; his head and limbs not visible. The only sign that he is awake is because of the two black spots – his eyes.

dumbork : “what are you looking at?”

He’s also very cute when he basks – sometimes he would sit on a rock, with only the head stretched upward. Sometimes he would extend his legs as if stretching. Sometimes he also extends his front limbs. Recently, there’s no chance of basking. The weather has grown cold here, and he seemed to dislike his stone.

with his stones and marbles

Just last night he was resting his neck on the stone. It was very cute.