Since the Philippines is a tropical country, the temperatures do not drop to that of winter temperature of those abroad. Even during the rainy seasons, the temperature drops by only 5 or so degrees (in the month of September to January). Therefore, a water heater is not needed. During summer, the temperature can rise to up to 96 F. However, I still put Dumbork in warm water as much as I can, especially when his stools are irregular. When I feel cold, then I will increase the temperature of Dumbork’s water.

The water I usually use is purified drinking water, provided by the water refill stations on the country. This is the main source of potable and clean water. The water is put in a 5-gallon blue container delivered to your home. At first, you have to buy the container itself (Php 150 – 200), then you can just ask the water station for a refill. The price for the water refill ranges from Php 20.00 – Php. 50.00. Tap water is also available.

5 gallon blue container

created a pro and cons list for these two types:

Type of water Pros Cons
Purified drinking water No chlorinePotable water

Filtered and clean


-May include minerals used in the process that can cause mineral deposits for turtle.-Difficult to pour since it comes from a blue container

-Costly at Php 35 (average) per container

-Supplies is not always available

-water stations sometime don’t deliver (pick up only)

Tap water Easy to getAccessible

No payment needed since it comes from faucets

-Presence of chlorine-Tap water is not recommended for drinking because of possible bacteria

-Ph levels not sure

-May contain harmful chemicals

-Sometimes water is not clear

-Also may have funny taste and smell