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I made a timeline on the problems i’ve discovered with Dumbork.

Area of Concern Possible Causes Solution Result
Slimy Carapace (June 12-16) May be due to water, suspected fungus or algae I’ve consulted it in a forum; the solution is to brush his shell by a soft toothbrush. The carapace is now not slimy; you can define the patterns on his shell
Blurred spots on Plastron (Since a hatchling)  Rough surface, irritated plastron due to rough, abrasive material Change the substrate on his tank Well, you can’t get back to the clear pattern on the plastron. Some RES owners commented that this is just a sigh on growing. Still, I’m using marbles as substrate ever since.
Brown Black Spots on Carapace (June 5 – present) Suspected scute retention, fungi, algae, Shell rot, MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) Monitor the changes and give him as much light as possible. I can’t confirm the reason of the presence of these spots. It was difficult to confirm water retention in scutes. I will keep researching on this topic.
Suspected impaction (June 17, 2012) I found small pebbles on the bottom of tank (serves as “weight” for the corner canister) Quarantined him for 1 week. Changed his water daily. Monitored his feces. No cause for concern. Poops normally, stools are regular, activity normal.
Different Stools/excessive pooping (June 22-23, 2012) Suspected constipation. The food is not processed; you can see carrots, veggies, and papaya bits. He pooped 4 times on June 23 (am) with the same content. Before, his poops are just long brown things. Switch to pellets firs, prevent giving him other veggies. He pooped normally (long brown stools). No signs or worms/irregularity.
No UVB light (Since a hatchling) Unavailable supplies This is a main problem for me, because heat and UVB is important for a growing RES. Without these, the RES can have complications from RI (respiratory infections), MBD, and shell rot. I will try to get him these fixtures as soon as I can. In the meantime, the sun is our friend.