Our first basking area includes a grass-like anti slip mat cut into two. These 2 parts became the basking area and the ramp. We connected one mat with the other (the other part connected vertically to serve as a hanging ramp). At first I’m having trouble using it because the grass seemed rough. If pressed into the skin, it will leave red, allergy-like patches. Also, even though made in strong plastic, the mat can be easily torn off. This is my other concern; because Dumbork can eat whatever thing he got in his mouth.  Later on, Dumbork managed to get the hang of it. He will stay long moments on the ramp with his shell submerged and his head peeking out into the surface. Still, I’m thinking of other materials to use as a ramp. Usually, the other RES owners use driftwood, cork, or piled stones.

the “grass-like” anti slip mat

dumbork seemed to like it.