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I’m not big on decorations. I’ve seen setups complete with sand at the bottom of the tank, aquatic plants, and elaborate basking areas. I’m aiming for simplistic and accessible. First, sand and other substrate may be harmful to a turtle. Second, aquatic plants are difficult to find here in the Philippines. And third, as long as Dumbork gets enough light, proper diet and care, there’s no need for an elaborate (and costly) basking area. Of course, to each its own. I’m not criticizing the way other RES owners decorate their tanks (sometimes I’m even jealous), but because of the limited supplies of tank decorations here, there’s simply no choice but to innovate.

I used Php 70 worth of round and flat small marbles, bought at the “Lahat Sampung Piso” Store (a store that sells items all at Php 10.00). I also have 6 big marbles and 3 medium stones (those usually found in the beach). I want to acquire some river rocks which is good for basking, but I can’t seem to find one. I’m having difficulty in getting driftwood too, because the driftwood sold here is too small to be used as a basking area.

some shells I’ve picked up from the beaches I’ve visited

dumbork enjoying the marbles – he is always rearranging them.
sometimes he would push the marbles to the other side.