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We were told by the Vet in UP Vet med to feed Dumbork 3-4 pellets in the morning and 3-4 in the afternoon (because I have a work schedule from 8am-5pm). Sometimes he would appear very hungry and we would cave in by feeding him green veggies. We are trying to incorporate live prey in his diet but it seemed like he became friends with the fishes (we brought 3 fish). At first he tried to chase them but later on he would simply look at them and not bothering to follow. Since my standards on the nutrition and food are based on other countries (mainly US), it was difficult to choose which diet to follow: the one given by the Vet med seemed a little extravagant compared to the RES owners abroad (they would feed their RES every other day). I also have conflicting information, wherein one website discouraged the use of pellets everyday and encouraged greens, while some said that pellets can be substituted for greens and live prey.

feeding frenzy!

Dumbork already became sick once, where his shell is very slimy and the water in the tank smells quickly. The amount of pellets was reduced and there was a vitamin (drops) to be incorporated in the water. The said vitamin composition is unknown because it was purchased in a small pet clinic near our home.

Recently, we also suspected an impaction due to eating of gravel. We filled the corner filter with small marbles so that it won’t move around the tank. When I went home one afternoon (June 17, 2012), the corner filter was moved from its original place and several marbles were scattered on the aquarium floor. I immediately quarantined him for two days and counting, checking if his stools are normal, whether they appear firm or runny, and whether the tank or Dumbork himself is getting smelly.

i’m still hungry!

Another variation is that the vet mentioned that we should feed him as much as 10 pellets per day, varying the number depending in the amount of pellets he will consume. At first it seemed scary – feeding him 10 per day? The issues of overfeeding, constipation and other digestive problems cropped out. I will try to seek second advice regarding this, since the rule of thumb abroad is feed the RES as much as the size of the head..

he liked the red-leaf lettuce, or Lollo Rosa

Now, it seemed like Dumbork is healthy once again. He is basically eating whatever food we gave him, has bowels once a day (usually every morning), and most of the times playful and active.

Some follow a usual 25-25-50 proportion on greens, pellets, and live prey interchangeably.