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chopped carrots that can fit in his mouth

there’s no romaine lettuce here. just this and iceberg lettuce.

the vet gave us the unlabeled turtle pellets – i didn’t know the content.

this turtle pellet just serves as the container.

his unopened pellets are stored here.

We are feeding Dumbork food pellets and vegetables, sometimes fruit. The vegetables includes carrots and greens (Baguio pechay, lettuce), while the fruit include apple, banana, papaya. He is very active whenever food time is near — he swims to the surface and extends his neck out of the water. The schedule of the feeding is as follows:

8:00am-3 pellets

5:00pm-3 pellets

9:00pm-3 pellets

Fruits and vegetables every weekend.

Now, i’ve made some changes and i’m still updating.

Proposed Diet Morning Evening
Monday  4 pellets, red leaf lettuce  5 pellets
Tuesday  4 pellets  5 pellets
Wednesday 2 pellets, carrots 4 pellets, carrots
Thursday 3 pellets, banana 3 pellets, banana
Friday 3 pellets, banana 6 pellets
Saturday 3 pellets 6 pellets
Sunday  3 pellets 4 pellets
*treats Once every two weeks
**cuttlebone Once a week  3 bites so far