Dumbork is a Red Eared Slider (RES) bought at Furry Tails in SM Fairview on October 14, 2011. The exact age is unknown, because the hatchlings were shipped from the Main Office in Paranaque. Due to an initial visit to the vet near our home, it was confirmed that Dumbork is a male RES. The initial size of Dumbork is approximately 1 inch, with a bright green carapace and a sunny disposition – active in tank while the other RES were sleeping. As of now, he is already 9mos old, starting on the day he was bought.

The spots on his plastron is brown-black, most of it were slightly blurred. The color of his carapace is mostly dark green with a hint of brown when looked under the sun. His eyes are round; his ears have a red-orange stripe, and there are alternating yellow and green stripes on his neck and the rest of his face. His neck can become long especially if the rest of his body is submerged under the water, with his eyes visible on the water. His claws are starting to become long, and his hind legs were somehow plump.

Hmmm. Interesting